One day the Avengers come back to the tower and realize someone broke in so Tony checks the security footage and its 24 minutes of Deadpool singing Fergilicious while making an inhuman amount of pancakes and then at the end of the video he takes all of these hundreds of pancakes and leaves and they’re all just like wtf and when they go to bed their beds are all lined with pancakes.

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The Avengers as a 70s cop show



1985 | 2014


"Sometimes in this life, Chris, you’re gonna meet people and not know at the time that thirty years later you’re still gonna be hanging out on set with them."

"Oh my god look at your tiny face."

"Chris, you’re missing the — "

"Spader’s like, five years old there! SCARLETT, COME SEE THESE PICTURES OF ROBERT AND JIM SPADER."

"This is not the lesson I was — "

"Ahaha, your hair!

[RDJ Advises Chris Evans On His Life Choices Inadvertently Shows Off Baby Pictures]

Character Logo Design: The Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man

Character Logo Design: Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow


Marvel’s cinematic universe (so far) [x]


Marvel Heroes with Fans (add more if you find em)


clint and natasha discover snapchat and it’s the worst thing to ever happen to anyone

  • clint giving a double-thumbs up while he falls out of a building
  • (amateurs, he captions it.)
  • natasha doing a handstand on cap’s shield, mid-air
  • (aww that’s cute, she posts on clint’s wall)
  • and it goes back and forth until fury holds a team meeting and cap actually bans them from his house
  • "you super-glued your phone to the shield, natasha." 
  • "necessary evil. it wasn’t staying on with regular tape."  
  • and then clint and natasha get a ping and it’s some girl in sunglasses and a purple crop top, standing on top of the avengers tower and shooting laser arrows
  • captioned: get on my level. scrubs. K. B.